2 Ways to Avoid OSHA Recordables

OSHA compliance management system

Two Ways to Avoid

OSHA Recordables

The paper chase can feel counterproductive to your safety goals.

(1) Minimize Your Medical Response

You can do what The Industrial Safety Hygiene & News suggests and administer as little treatment response as medically necessary.  Some suggestions include: for sore arms, provide a support device rather than than immobilize the arm. For chemical inhalation, don’t give the employee oxygen unless it is medically necessary.  While I am partly surprised this is the advice, you can read their full article here.

(2) Automate Your Paperwork Processes

Instead of taking the risk of under treating, or risking subjective interpretations, introduce your company to a safety & compliance management system, so documentation is no big deal. As a matter of fact, you can convert your exact paperwork and form workflow into an electronic format. Moreover, you can save up to 50% of your time.

Why Recording Is Important

OSHA compliance management systemSafety Procedures Must Be Documented

An ethanol facility was cited for failing to show they had developed written procedures for safely conducting their processes for equipment maintenance or their grain dust and spill removal. They failed to evidence confined space procedures.  Furthermore, they could not demonstrate they had provided emergency and rescue equipment procedures. Likewise, they were charged for neglecting to conduct personal protective equipment assessments.

Whats more, the ethanol facility and Pallet were both cited for not proving they had safety guards in place while machines were being operated . The ethanol facility also neglected to maintain drawings and diagrams of their pipes and instruments used in their chemical processes. 

OSHA compliance management systemProve Information Has Been Shared 

Equally important, Wright Pallet was charged for exposing their workers to hazards causing hearing loss and amputations. Unable to prove they had safety trained their employees, the company was charged $149,800 in penalties. Consequently, fines included failure to train workers in hearing conservation and allowing workers to wear protection improperly.

To boot, they did not have any proof they had trained their employees in electrical safety practices. Pallet was reported for allowing forklift drivers to handle unstable loads, to operate with a limited view of travel and for improperly storing their compressed gas cylinders. They had zero documentation of adequate lockout / tag out procedures for unintentional machine starts. 

Sadly, sometimes companies are intentionally neglectful and find it easier to pay the fine than to deal with paperwork and bureaucracy.  Most of the time, employers are trying to keep their work family safe, but are overwhelmed and or do not know how to fix issues that arise and persist.  Rely on safety and compliance workflow technology and ensure your Is are dotted , your T’s are crossed and sleep at night. 

By: Kristen Goodell, M.Ed, Co-Owner
Kristen converts inefficient compliance management systems and siloed technology into a dynamic workflow with end to end client support. Through our implementation process we reveal areas of hidden risk and produce best practices for your safety and compliance management team.

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