4 Attributes of a Top Safety Leader


What attributes should a top safety leader possess in order to promote and maintain a positive safety culture? Panelists at the Pittsburgh Environmental Health & Safety Conference (EH&S) shared their insights.

Show You Care

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Distinguish yourself from other job candidates by describing specific examples of how you’ve engaged in the jobs you’ve had so far. Have you taken strategic and creative initiatives? Have you volunteered? Read More…..


Seek Feedback

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The key to bringing out truly honest feedback from employees is to take the time to meet with them in an informal, one-on-one setting.  A good way to get candid opinions from employees is to allow employees to choose to whom they give feedback. Read More….

Engage Everyone

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Stop spending time being overly critical of what your employees are not doing right and identify what they are naturally gravitating towards – that which gets them excited. Read More…

Get CEO Support

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Cultivating your CEO as an ally is key to your survival. It is in your best interest to make sure your boss thinks you’re awesome. Do what you say, take responsibility for your actions, and make requests, not complaints.  Always come with a solution.  Read More…

Every company wants to be safe. Having policies and procedures are not enough.  They need you, the safety leader to drive a top down approach and create a protective work place.  By showing you care with specific examples of strategic initiatives, seeking feedback with unique methods, giving positive reinforcement to better engage your employees, and getting your CEO’s respect and support

you will remain a top safety leader.


By: Kristen Goodell, M.Ed, Co-Owner of HR Resource Force
HR Resource Force converts inefficient safety & compliance management systems and siloed technology into a dynamic workflow with end to end client support. Through our implementation process we work with you to reveal areas of hidden risk and produce new best practices for your safety & compliance management team.

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