4 Tips for Packing Compliance When You Move


When a customer moved 700 of their warehouse employees to a new, modernized, larger location they called us for help with the compliance paperwork process. The compliance paperwork moving experience provides great tips for any company who needs to maintain employee related compliance during a period of growth or transition.

1 – The cloud pays off, big time.

The company had been delivering and managing compliance related tasks electronically from the cloud for over a year before the move. But the transition to a new location proved the value of cloud based software because it was immediately up and running, without missing a beat.

As employees moved to the new facility they only needed a web connection and all of their records, compliance requirements and content moved with them. Managers who remained at the old location were able to maintain visibility into audit readiness and there was no special hardware that needed to be moved or purchased.

2 – Leave the trash.

If your training material is still on VHS there is a high probability that the content is stale. In a new location it is necessary to quickly deliver and document information about the facility, updated emergency action plans, OSHA required training on new equipment as well as fresh policies, procedures and forms. Moves are a great time to clean out old content.

  • Clean Data

  • Trash Old Content

  • Upload Clean Data

3 – Consider your culture.

Change can be tough for anyone. Your new location may present personal challenges for employees, such as time, social and financial obligations related to a longer commute and different work environment. Maintaining a consistent connection with employees will allow you to flush out problems, concerns and launch HCM programs to proactively influence retention.

4 – Make employees accountable.

Your move to a new facility was driven by a financial decision with an accountable Return On Investment. The way you interface with employees should reflect that same drive towards efficiency and lay the foundation for scalable growth that the business needs to thrive. Move away from personal spreadsheets to track compliance requirements, expiring credentials and training.

Ditch the file cabinets where information gets lost. Employees are familiar with technology in many parts of their lives, so upgrade their tools at work. Use data to track what positively impacts your business and incentivize employees accordingly. Share the results of your reward programs in real time to foster transparency and to harmonize people towards a common goal. Focus on what moves you closer to your business objectives and avoid unproductive administrative tasks that can be automated.

Our customer experience validates that in many industries the definition of work has evolved from being the physical location where you report each day. To the modern business, work is now defined by the tasks you complete, which is increasingly separated from the physical space.



About Nick: Nick’s career spans business development, risk management, operations, and executive management, giving him the in-depth knowledge to help businesses identify and overcome their challenges through off the shelf and custom Human Capital, Safety, EH&S and compliance software.



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