Compliance Software Born from Fleet Management Needs

The first iteration of our platform was built 20 years ago to support EH&S services our team provided to one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies. Not long after that first development cycle, we were engaged by one of the nation’s leading for-hire fleets to adapt the software to their compliance needs, helping track everything from the new employee probationary period, DQF, incident/accidents, MVR’s training materials, and more to create a single view of an employee’s performance across every aspect of the company.

Partners First

You may think that as a software company our priority is on hiring programmers. Truth be told, most of our team were first great engineers, risk managers, or other professionals from within the industry, which means that we start from the industry needs—with intimate firsthand experiences —and work backward to build the technology.

Our core team has many years of experience together and we look for customers that also value trusted long-term relationships.

We devote a great deal of time helping you align people, process, and technology because companies rely on our software to manage critical functions and executives use us to make important decisions.  Consequently, our software must be easy to use, reliable and integrated. Our partnership approach mitigates project risk and enhances your ROI.


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