Youth Workforce Development Is Needed to Meet Your Employee Shortage

Many underrepresented students are inadequately prepared to successfully enter a career or college and need workforce development enrichment before becoming your talent pool.  HR Resource Force will eradicate this skill gap, recruit and train positive mindset students to become your future allied health and nursing leaders.  Accessing employee talent from across the globe addresses immediate needs, but neglects to address long term economic stability and mental health of neighbors in our city.  

21st century Employee Readiness Essentials Class

HR Resource Force’s research based class develops 21st century employee readiness skills.  Through this virtual, self paced class, students will receive micro-credentials for becoming 80%+ competent in critical thinking, conflict resolution, resilient learning, communication and the ability to be a team player. The guided instructional lessons utilize Carnegie Mellon University’s LUMA, human centered design thinking methods, real world workplace scenarios and optional interactive learning opportunities. 

High School Workforce Development Program

HR Resource Force’s high school workforce development program’ ensures a successful workforce curriculum is integrated into the school. It facilitates real world connections with career captures, job shadowing and internship opportunities. The program is designed to reward students for earning leveled workforce development competencies.

Manufacturing Cohort

HR Resource Force’s Manufacturing Cohort Program recruits, admits and educates a motivated cohort (teen girls or underrepresented) interested in STEM manufacturing careers. The program uses our 21st century employee readiness micro-credential class, career coaches and partners with colleges for after school or summer virtual classes. Corporate co-ops offer a 3 week job shadow experience and feeder for employment.

Compliance Technology

Custom Compliance Software and Fleet Risk Management Systems

Our software can be tailored to fit any industry’s compliance needs.  Our focus thus far has been working in roles that transcend any one industry: fleet managers, human resource directors, warehouse operators, EH&S officers, and database administrators. The industries we serve are varied but the need to centralize a wide variety of data, documents, and people to effectively mitigate risk and run businesses remain the same.

Clients use our base compliance software package and optional customization to report and manage:

  • Custom dashboards with real time performance metrics
  • Employee on-boarding and probationary periods
  • Training programs
  • OSHA – log maintenance and reporting
  • DOT  – accident registry and reporting
  • Certification renewals
  • Incident & Accidents – FNOL to Resolution
  • Driver Qualification Files
  • MVR data
  • Dockworker and non-driver roles
  • Remote employee access
  • Driver retention programs
  • Driver scorecards
  • CSA
  • Contractors and Owner Operators
  • Role based for different operating entities
  • Advanced analytics on safety data
  • Alerts and Reports for expiring credentials
  • Single view of employee performance
  • Audit Readiness 24/7 and support

Typical integrations include:  FMCSA for CSA data, payroll system, TMS, telematics, maintenance software, LMS or training content provider, third party claim administrators, background/screening provider, , internally developed programs and other vendors—But our platform is built to be open-ended, which means that we can work with you to create the functionality you need.

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