How to Apply Iron Griddle Management Techniques TM

iron griddle management

I bought a cast iron griddle for a family camping trip this summer, and it made me think of employee management.

How You Can Apply

Iron Griddle Management Techniques

Season Your Employees
There is a process of “seasoning” a new griddle before you first use it that involves baking in cooking oil. The oil creates a healthy non-stick surface that gets better with time. This is just like on-boarding employees. If you do not take the time upfront with on-boarding they will not perform well or last long. A poorly initiated griddle will rust, a poorly initiated employee will either leave, or become disengaged and less productive.

The First 90 Days Are Critical
The care of your griddle in the first 90 days remains imperative in creating a long-term relationship. It may require a little bit of extra oil until you have built up the seasoning. It is recommended that you avoid contact with foods like tomatoes and beans, whose acidic nature can damage the seasoning process. If you neglect the full attention in the first 90 days, or introduce your griddle to these destructive foods, additional costly re-treatment or replacement is required. Acquainting catastrophic foods early on is just like making hiring mistakes or familiarizing your new hire with an old toxic employee. Thoroughly calculated new hire processes, and conscious employee placement, will prevent disastrous costly results and toxic employee contamination.

Care And Maintenance
We have had our cast iron griddle for many months now and it definitely outperforms the expensive calphalon or All-Clad cookware. All that is required to maintain the healthy non-stick surface is a rinse with water (no soap please) and a light application of oil. This is like a properly cared for employee. Once you have nurtured your new hire and fostered a positive on-boarding experience with adequate training and unshakable communication, your employee will reward you with a long term, low maintenance, high performance result.

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