How to Protect Your Business Training Investments

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“Most Organizations Use Their Business Training Investments About As Strategically As They Deploy Their Office Supplies Spending.”

This is a tragedy to your company’s future because over the next several years, 55 million jobs will become available, and the majority of those jobs will require some sort of education and training after high school, but without major changes to the nation’s postsecondary education system – there will not be enough workers to fill those positions, US News.

How to Protect Your Business Training Investments.

(1.) Don’t Assume Learning Has Occurred
Admit it. We all passed or got A’s in many classes and still do not remember a thing. Why is that? More often than not, we do not need or use that information. That particular content did not resonate with personal interest. Or, the method in which it was taught was not conducive to our learning style. Do not recklessly invest in training or new business process management tactics without tailoring it to multiple learning styles first (auditory, visual & kinesthetic hands on practice) and without adequate post-training assessment to measure effectiveness.

(2.) Increase Learning Repetition
Too often there is zero follow through with content learned in a classroom setting. In today’s overly stimulated world, frequently administered short quizzes and video refreshers remain imperative for content reinforcement to occur. Walking through the correct motions and neglecting a comprehensive wrap-around learning experience of your new business process management practices will surely waste your money and lack the production improvements you were seeking in the first place. In addition to frequent but short and quick online refreshers, you could have your employees rotate a demonstration of key concepts each week or month. If your employees do not use or at least revisit what they have learned, they will be embarrassed they forgot, be stifled in their approaches, and quietly muddle through as if “they know.”

(3.) Practice What You Preach
Why should your employees care about content when they think their boss has no clue? Your employees will respect and invest themselves in the training and in their supervisors if their boss is the one teaching them and the one helping reinforce learning has occurred. Have your leaders practice what they are preaching and partake in the learning efforts at your company. Not only will employee morale be higher if they see their bosses working just as hard as they are, your employees will begin to care.

Promote learning transparency in a safe, nurturing, fun, way and your employees will reward you with increased productivity, commitment, and safety. Your organization’s future depends on your people. Give them the tools they need to help your company succeed.


By: Kristen Goodell, M.Ed, Co-Owner

Kristen converts inefficient compliance management systems and siloed technology into a dynamic workflow with end to end client support. Through our implementation process we reveal areas of hidden risk and produce new best practices for your compliance management team.



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