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21st century Employee Readiness Essentials Class

HR Resource Force’s research based class develops 21st century employee readiness skills.  Through this virtual, self paced class, students will receive micro-credentials for becoming 80%+ competent in critical thinking, conflict resolution, resilient learning, communication and the ability to be a team player. The guided instructional lessons utilize Carnegie Mellon University’s LUMA, human centered design thinking methods, real world workplace scenarios and optional interactive learning opportunities. 

High School Workforce Development Program

HR Resource Force’s high school workforce development program’ ensures a successful workforce curriculum is integrated into the school. It facilitates real world connections with career captures, job shadowing and internship opportunities. The program is designed to reward students for earning leveled workforce development competencies.

Manufacturing Cohort

HR Resource Force’s Manufacturing Cohort Program recruits, admits and educates a motivated cohort (teen girls or underrepresented) interested in STEM manufacturing careers. The program uses our 21st century employee readiness micro-credential class, career coaches and partners with colleges for after school or summer virtual classes. Corporate co-ops offer a 3 week job shadow experience and feeder for employment.

Compliance Software For Your Risk Management

A royalty free image from the trucking and logistics industry of a truck driver standing in front of his vehicle using a smartphone to text or surf the internet.

Our innovative customized software solution can benefit any industry wanting to act more strategically. However, “winner take all” markets with complex changing regulatory requirements, a few largely consolidated competitors, and high risk management costs have engaged us on a repeat basis. 

These industries include:

  • Trucking and Private Fleet
  • LTL and Final Mile Delivery
  • Telecommunications
  • Logistics and Warehouse
  • Hospital and First Responder
  • Gas & Electric Utility

Schedule a demo today to hear firsthand how we’ve helped companies in these industries establish a new competitive advantage with our platform or explore their stories below:

Long haul trucking and Private Fleet

CSA, ELD’s, MVR’s, the DOT—Our industry has a plethora of acronyms to manage and each brings data management challenges for remote employees.  And with each new piece of  data comes a heightened obligation to prevent accidents and maintain regulatory compliance.

Our solution for long haul and private fleets enables customers the ability to effectively engage with remote employees and provides a single system of record for all of the data coming from the truck, compliance and HR department.  After implementing our core fleet platform, customers typically use custom projects to support their unique business needs, integrate workflows reliant on other systems, build scorecards to quickly track performance, and use their newfound data democracy to make better business decisions.

In addition to software, our over the road trucking and fleet customers can take advantage of our driver file management and consulting services.

LTL and Final Mile Delivery

Frequent stops and business-to-consumer delivery bring an extra layer of requirements for our customers in the LTL and Final Mile White Glove delivery industries. In these markets, customers typically come to us with manual workflows, unreliable spreadsheets, data managed separately in different functional departments or terminals, and use multiple vendors who don’t integrate.  There is also a heavy emphasis on preventing injuries from lifting and avoiding accident claims from operating a commercial vehicle in urban environments.

For national and regional leaders in the LTL and Final Mile Delivery markets, our solution provides a single platform to manage driver files, accidents/incident records, background screening, training records and delivery, worker compensation, owner operators, driver/truck generated data and vendor integrations. The result is a single view into all aspects of your employees and contractors that has won national safety awards for both for-hire and private fleet customers in this market.


Unlike the markets where we manage employee risks, the highly regulated telecommunications industry often has more extensive needs.

Our team layered custom development on top of our core EH&S platform for an international Telecommunications company to create  a robust chemical inventory module that is now available to anyone.  The product manages OSHA hazardous communications requirements in a standardized and centralized way to replace  manual paper-based reporting. As a result, data is integrated with other systems throughout the company to efficiently communicate compliance to varied state and local government requirements.

In addition to software, telecommunication customers can take advantage of our engineering, permitting, and consulting services.

Logistics and Warehouse

One of the country’s largest food-service distribution companies needed to track training, expiring worker credentials, employee handbook distribution/acknowledgement, and reporting in a foodservice distribution environment.

Our solution allowed the client to:  combine their own content with ours, provide budget friendly predictable costs, deliver software via the web that met internal security requirements while not taxing their internal IT resources, provide the flexibility needed to respond quickly as OSHA and other regulations changed.  In addition, real time visibility into compliance became accessible to all stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

Hospital and First Responder

The most common reasons we are called to healthcare markets is to eliminate paper-dependent processes and to modernize the management and delivery of training programs.

When the ebola scare was at its height, our customers were able to quickly respond by utilizing our web-based platform to distribute training, documentation and forms.  In one example a client  , who had been previously using our software to eliminate a room full of file cabinets with employee related paperwork, earned a finalist position for a prestigious Human Resource award for the infectious disease prevention program that we helped assemble. The ebola training effort also helped us secure a grant that paid for our software many times over.

Gas & Electric Utility

Safety and compliance are critical to our gas & electric utility customers whose challenges are often amplified by mergers, managing regulatory requirement in multiple jurisdictions and visibility from the public, investors, and other stakeholders.

Our team’s custom database for a large multinational gas & electric utility solved problems caused by solid growth and acquisitions. Subsidiary companies used differing platforms and methods for managing company requirements, which holistically caused inefficiency and made it impossible for the company to effectively use data.  The result was a centralized application that manages all EH&S workflows and data through every location worldwide.  As a web based system, the application is also able to monitor compliance for the large number of contractors who had previously been managed through spreadsheets.

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