Yates Memorandum – How Has It Affected You?

Yates memorandum

It has been a year since Department of Justice Attorney General Sally Yates issued a memorandum, instructing federal prosecutors to step-up individual prosecutions for corporate wrongdoing.  Yates announced that Federal Prosecutors’ will look for ways to charge a variety of felonies in routine worker safety cases to take advantage of the greater penalties available under environmental and other criminal laws.

Government statistics reveal that in an average day in the United States approximately 13 workplace fatalities, almost 150 deaths from occupational diseases, and about 9,000 nonfatal injuries and illnesses occur. “Forbes 2016”

Safety leaders realize some of the most common causes of workplace accidents include: shortcuts, overconfidence, poor or lack of housekeeping, starting a task before getting all the necessary information, neglecting safety procedures, mental distractions, and lack of preparation. “Gordon, B” Directors of safety are faced with the complicated challenge of showing they care and minimizing these factors all while maintaining careful documentation of processes, procedures and incident reporting. Environmental Health & Safety Management must be one of the most underrated and least recognized professions. It requires multi tasking, strong communication, people skills, analytics, psychology, law & organization.

Most Frequent

Worker Endangerment Charges 


Fall Protection

yates memorandum






Hazard Communication
Yates memorandum






Yates memorandum






Respiratory Protection








“Red Flags”

The government’s thesis  is that employers “willing to cut corners on worker safety laws to maximize production and profit” are just as likely to “turn a blind eye” to other laws, especially environmental laws. “Forbes 2016”


Awareness of the most frequent worker endangerment charges and how they may occur and be prevented at your work is a solid beginning to safety leadership. Knowing the laws, policies, and procedures will maintain your competence. Moreover, understanding each employee’s personality quirks and motivations will further your ability to ward off risk and make you stand apart from your competition. Nonetheless,  exploring automated safety and compliance paperwork processes will make you a cutting edge innovator.


By:  HR Resource Force
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